Bill Koehler ... continued

Joshua Kleine, reviewer for Double Bassist Magazine (London) wrote the following about Billís second CD entitled Journey2gether:

ďDouble bassist Bill Koehler, Professor of Music at Illinois State University, here joins forces with Indian Percussionist Manpreet Bedi to create a blend of polyrhythmic and mixed-metre sounds which will be new to many listeners. This intrepid duo weaves a brightly-coloured patchwork of original pieces based on a fusion of jazz, western contemporary classical music and Indian classical music. The result is a sound that is at once transcendental, joyous, serious, contemplative, and mystical. 
Journey2gether is an exotic and inspirational release that successfully brings together the sounds of two very different cultures. A high note for world music.Ē The CD also received a great review in Bass World, the official publication of the International Society of Bassists. Bill and Manpreet are recording a new CD in spring 2010.

Bill has also written a book entitled A Guide to the Developmental Process of Improvisation and Composition, Billís first CD entitled
Glimpse features original compositions in jazz, and world fusion idioms, as well as Romantic and Contemporary classical pieces for unaccompanied solo bass.  A native of New York City, Dr. Koehler has performed in England, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Russia and Belo-Russia, Puerto Rico, and throughout the U.S.  He has performed in numerous orchestras in New York City, the southeast, the mid-west and has performed with notable jazz and improvising musicians such as Sam Brown (gui. with Keith Jarrett), Joe Tekula (vc. With Ornette Coleman), Harold Seletsky, Ronu Majumdar, Umalpurim Siveraman, Patrick Marks, John Clark (hrn with Gil Evans), Joe Morello (dr. with Dave Brubeck), John Campbell, Carl Fontana, Dave Burrell, Jimmy Guiffre, Richard Davis, David Baker, Harvey Phillips, Turk Van Lake, and Nashville country music producer Byron Gallimore.  Koehler has been an active performer in the electronic music medium on MIDI Electric Double Bass, having performed annually at the College Music Society - Technology Symposiums. Dr. Koehler is a frequent clinician (ISB, Richard David Festival, etc.); and, has written on bass pedagogy, and reviewed new music for string bass and string orchestra for the American String Teacher. Dr. Koehler has a number of transcriptions and original compositions for solo double bass, which are available through Schorer Publications. One of his early research interests in string education involves the application of biofeedback to study physiology and to aid the reduction of excess muscle tension in string playing. He has illustrated double bass techniques and made editorial contributions in the two editions of Robert Klotmanís string education textbook entitled Teaching Strings. Koehler earned his doctorate at Indiana University.  His double bass teachers include: Murray Grodner, David Izenson (bassist with Ornette coleman), Philip Albright, Ernest Szugyi, and Neal Mason. Koehlerís Double Bass recordings and book can be purchased through the Illinois State University School of Music (309-438-7631). Visit Billís personal website at

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